Pre production
Story board
Some important factors influence the overall filming. These important factors such as budget, location, permissions etc were kept in mind for post production stage 
Location: 1966 cafe, this location was very apt for shoot considering ambience for shoot and distance to travel. 
Budget: Overall cost for this project was £10, which was very cost effective.
Permission: All important permissions were taken from the responsible authorities to film without any obstacles on the day of shoot.
Research was conducted before starting to shoot the actual video. Watching many youtube videos on coffee making process, Recent video trends and techniques, Understanding brand potrayal through colors and props in the advert was very important.

Using camera Sony XD Cam to shoot.

Applying costa brand colour on nails of character.

Character in the brand colour attire.

Table setup for the shoot, enhancing the brand identity with colour.

Taking a high shot with the help of team.

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